HELLO Future

As long as there is no one in the circle, the light of the circle and the leddisplay slowly changes colors. As soon as anyone enters the circle, HELLO Future comes to force; the lightcolor changes and at the same time a text appears on the leddisply on the floating ring. For 30 seconds, and then the leddisplay becomes a monochrome light again, awaiting the next visitor. We have asked youngsters in Helmond for their dreams for the future, and asked the elder citizens of Helmond for what they 'd like to tell the next generations. Their future dreams or predicting texts will form the large archive of texts for the leddisplay.

Commissioned by:
Gemeente Helmond

Stationsplein Helmond

Yvonne Feenstra / Jakob Baalman

UCQ ledconcepts ism/icw SW-techniek