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August 30, 2020 till November 28, 2020

Singer Xinping Fu (Shanghai) states that whoever seeks a higher goal, mainly meets loneliness. Performance artist Karelle Prugnaud (Paris) proclaims that free will is an illusion. Astor Perez (Buenos Aires) puts his anger in his poems. Thomas Nealeigh (Dayton) claims that you can endure physical pain, the real pain is the fight for existence.

The video-installation 'Art doesn't earn money, art only burns money' shows the importance of money in a variety of lives and worlds. In the spotlight is among others coffee seller Irina Litvinenko, who would love to have a pretty smile; the American prepper Malcolm Allred who is preparing for the end of time. Mirza grew up in orphanages and now looks for the Indian railroads for passengers that fell of the train, earning two dollars for every body. Keep your head above the water; that's what life is about. That is why the mother of the Chinese Man Chui Yan obliges her to choose a study that provides a future. Instead of a dancer she will be a nurse, because: "Art doesn't earn money, art only burns money."

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All the World is a Stage

Irma van Bommel

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