De Collectie X Riebeek -
Stedelijk Museum Breda

April 11, 2020 till March 14, 2021

Nine videoportraits of the project The Essential are added, all with a link to a piece from the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Breda.

A statue of the Antonius pig from the 16th century is combined with a portrait of Nataliya Yurchenko from Kiev who lives on her pig farm in the middle of the city. In both cases the pig acts as a defence. A different association are the skull relics from eleven thousand virgins next to the videoportrait of Hans Denele from Paris who got a bullet in his skull in the terrorist attack on the concert hall Bataclan.
In 1530 Barbara of Nassau wanted, as opposed to her father, to live as pure as possible. Added to this painting is the videoportrait of Misungui from Paris. She lost her virginity on her thirteenth. By combining the portraits of Barbara and Misungui we can feel the tension, not only historic, but also thematic.
The exhibition ends with the famous statue from Breda 'The Flee'. A mother takes her struggling child on the run from the battle to take Breda by the Germans in 1940. The videoportrait of Naida Ribic is added. She fled to Breda 25 years ago, during the war in former Yugoslavia. She tells of the alienation she experienced as a refugee, as well as the universal values she found while escaping the war.

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John Tromp

Stichting Stedelijk Museum Breda
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